Already a qualified diver?

Dive with friendly members of the Argonauts!

We welcome qualified divers and you will enjoy going on various trips, in the UK and abroad, with other members.

You don’t have to have been trained with BSAC as qualifications with other diving organisations, e.g. PADI, are recognised. You simply need to become a BSAC member through our club and register your qualifications with BSAC.

Wish further training?

If you would like to train further with BSAC, we can provide you with the  right Training Course, so that you can progress to the next higher BSAC grade.  For example, if you have PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water qualification, they are similar to BSAC Ocean Diver qualification, so your next qualification would be BSAC Sports Diver. Please refer to BSAC equivalency chart for more information.

Updated in October 2018